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A Few “Must Know” Facts About Bingo Slot Machines

The game of Bingo is no more restricted to small gatherings and among close knit communities trying to raise funds for charity. With the coming of online gaming, even a simplistic game like bingo has seen the emergence of a new class of players who are desperate to win.

Till recently it was considered to be a mild game played mainly by women but there has been a steady increase in players of the opposite gender too. If you thought bingo was simple and a risk free game, you might want to know these lesser known facts about Bingo sites to get the maximum out of your gaming experience.

Class II slot machines Nowadays the preferred way to play bingo is by using the bingo slot machines. In fact according to a recent article in bbc.com the use of bingo slot machines has tripled over the last five years. Gone are the days of women foraging for the called number by a teller, now it is the machines that call the shots.


These slot machines or Class II slot machines as they are better known have transformed this simple risk free game into a more serious addictive game where the stakes are really high and losses keep surmounting with each game. The exceptionally huge jackpot and the relatively cheap cost of the game is one of the main reasons for this trend.People who most often play the slot machines want to feel a sense of security and to be in control of things. With the global economic and political scenario changing so rapidly, individuals have started isolating themselves from social games and have started relying more on machines - slot machines, smart phones and the like.Originally the slot machines were thought to be ideal for women because of the simple way to use them and the relatively low risk involved. But this is a misconception that needs to be cleared. Slot machines are addictive and people lose large amounts like in blackjack and roulette though probably over a longer period of time than at one go.

Why are slot machines so addictive?

Be it the casino or the bingo halls, when you step in you are welcomed with a row of slot machines that are flashing lights and beeping constantly. They are forever trying to grab your attention and once you use them you are hooked. Here you enter a realm where you start to feel you are the king, the maker of your destiny –a few coins can make you a prince from pauper.

It’s a nonstop process: Unless you want to stop it, the game continues because most of these machines are so sophisticated that without getting up from your seat you can use the bar-coded tickets or your credit card to top up to continue playing nonstop.

No interference: There is no one between the machine and you – no other players, no teller, no waiting time for cards to be dealt like in a poker game. Your complete focus is on the game.

It’s your “me time”: Even the traditional game was meant as a relaxation for women especially tired or bored with their routine work. But with slot machine, you don’t even need the company of people; the flashing bulbs, the rolling numbers and the whirring of the machine are enough to provide the freedom from day-to-day stress, anxiety, disappointments. You get drawn into a zone oblivious to your surroundings. Irrespective of the result the machine always prods you to try one more time and the urge to try your luck one more time is simply irresistible.

The solution

The situation appears grim but there is a solution to this problem too. Anti-gambling campaigners are vociferous in their protests and angry at how simple and naïve people succumb to the lure of the slot machines and end up in severe financial and in some cases marital and emotional crisis. They want the situation to change before it is too late.

One of the proposed solutions is to have warning messages flash on the slot machines and to resist placing free cash machines next to these seemingly innocent slot machines.A lot is being done already to address the problem. Almost all casinos everywhere now have a “responsible gaming” code in place. This is a practice now common among all casinos to ensure that there is fair play and all gaming practices are carried out in a socially responsible manner.

In fact, there are several casinos which train their staff to identify addictive behavior and give them the authority to intervene when things seem to go out of hand. Besides that there are others who offer counseling solutions too.The Government too has taken a serious note of the problem and has introduced laws to review the gaming procedures including the role of slot machines in bingo. Hopefully in the not too distance future we shall see a right balance between entertainment and protection of vulnerable consumers.

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